Kitchen tongs are handy and supremely versatile kitchen tools that many serious cooks always keep on hand. Used as serving tongs, these must-have kitchen gadgets are ideal for dishing up mixed green salads or dinner rolls right at the table. Naturally balanced, the strong, stylish handle provides a comfortable, secure grip. The special heat resistant nylon head is gentle on your non-stick cookware. Finding and using just the right gourmet kitchen tool makes preparing meals an epicurean delight. This pair of large tongs boasts an artful design and Anolon accessories offers a wide assortment of corresponding pieces for continuity in your home. Featuring a non-slip Santoprene handle with a handy hanging loop and strong, durable nylon head on a stainless sheel shaft, this pair of large Anolon tongs is comfortable to use and dishwasher safe.

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